Welcome to Forbidden Fiber Co!



Kelley King - Creative Production Manager

Kelley is our graphics designer extraordinaire!  She creates all our social media and website graphics and also our packaging, including all of our treasure troves, mystery boxes, and mystery kits.  She designs cross stitch patterns and handles all our printing.  She also is the mighty wielder of the Silhouette and sublimation machines.  Kelley also helps supervise the team to keep things running.

Felicia Rogers - Shipping and Inventory Manager

Felicia ships out the majority of our orders and dyes a lot of yarn, too!  She has recently began creating her own colorways, and they're so good, sometimes I wonder if I'm even needed around here anymore!  She also takes care of just about everyone who walks in the door at the FFC studio - from making sure you know where to find things to handling checkout.

Kimberly Blanchard - Production Assistant

Kimberly is our fabric guru!  She cuts and serges all of our cross stitch fabric and dyes a bunch of it, too!  She can sew just about anything, and makes all the pillows you see on cross stitch pattern covers.

Connie Sharp - Production Assistant

Connie is our newest team member, and she handles just about anything we can throw at her!  From ironing cross stitch fabric until she can't lift her arms, to carding floss, making stitchmarkers, progresskeepers, and zipper pulls, winding mini skeins on our big skein winder, and helping out wherever she can, she's a wonderful addition to the team.

Evan Earnest and Easton Craig - Production Assistants, AKA "The Boys" 

From rinsing yarn, floss, and fabric, carding floss, making stitchmarkers, progresskeepers, etc, punching holes in almost every floss card that leaves the studio, these guys do a little bit of everything.  They also take out the trash every Friday, which makes them my heroes.



Come see us Monday - Thursday 9-3, Fridays 9-2 7615 Hwy 51 S, Suite 101, Brighton, TN 38011  

For nights and weekends, call the studio for an appointment (901) 296-5158, or message Leann through the FB page.


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