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Advice From a Snowflake Camping Mug
Only 2 left!
Beeswax Candle (Medium)
Beeswax Candle (Small)
Blue Suede Shoes Needleminder
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Buratini Thread Organizer
Only 2 left!
Dead Man's Chest Stitchmarker/Progresskeeper  Mega Set
Dinosaurs Needleminder
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Dr. Georgina Wyndham Progress Keeper
Dr. Georgina Wyndham Stitchmarker
Fellowship Mega Stitchmarker/Progresskeeper Set
Friends Don’t Lie Mega Stitchmarker/Progresskeeper Set
Gargamel Needleminder
It’s A Me! Progresskeeper  Mega Set
Jasper Wallace Progresskeeper
Lady Penny Witherbottom Progress Keeper
Lady Violet Witherbottom Progresskeeper
Lion King Stitchmarker/Progresskeeper  Mega Set
Little Mermaid Stitchmarker/Progresskeeper  Mega Set
Lord Theodore Witherbottom Enamel Charm
Luke’s Needleminder
Mary Poppins Mega Stitchmarker/Progresskeeper Set
Precious Ring Enamel Pins
Princess Tower Enamel Pin
Scary Movie Enamel Pin
Shiny Progress Keeper  Mega Set
Simone Leggett Progress Keeper
Simone Leggett Stitchmarker
Sir Cyrus Sterling Progresskeeper
Tink Progresskeeper
Only 3 left!
Tink Stitchmarker
Only 4 left!
Twilight Stitchmarker/Progresskeeper Set
Vanilla Bean Hand Lotion
Winter is Coming Progresskeeper  Mega Set
“The Good Stuff” Balm
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