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Simone Leggett

If you don’t know her, Simone Leggett is quite the intimidating figure.  She was born a motorcycle club princess (her father is leader of the infamous Iron Raiders) and feared by most commoners.  But if you truly know her, then you know how deeply she cares for people and that her quick wit and sarcasm is simply a defense mechanism because of the tarnished reputation her upbringing wrought on her.  That she despises everything about the criminal undertakings of the Iron Raiders and left it all behind when she started the Dangerous Damsels.

Luckily, Dr. Georgina knows that the damsels aren’t truly dangerous.  That their mission is to help, especially in circumstances like young Thaddeus.  And she also knows that Sir Cyrus absolutely does not have this information.  So, when Dr. Georgina hatched her plan to save young Thaddeus from the clutches of evil, she went to Simone for help.

Under the cover of night, Simone, Georgina, and Jasper headed to Rossmore Estates for a clandestine meeting with Lord Theodore, Lady Violet, and Lady Penny.  After all, they would all need to be on board for it to work.   And when all the details were set, Simone realized she would need to enlist the help of her favorite detective.  

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