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Orville Blackmore

Orville Blackmore’s father was a pioneer in the world of chocolate, and Orville was more than ready to settle down and take over the business.  Instead, he toured the countryside, peddling the company’s confections, going wherever the wind took him.  While the life of a traveling salesman could be quite lonely, it also taught him how to read people.  His instincts were very, very good.  Therefore, when he arrived in Sheepchester, he knew something was amiss.  There was drama happening, and he absolutely wanted to be a part of it.

It was the good doctor, Georgina Wyndham, who originally had the idea.  But it was Orville who knew exactly how to use his chocolates to entice Sir Cyrus into a clandestine meeting with the Iron Raiders.  All he had to do was convince Sir Cyrus that he was sick of being his father’s errand boy and was going to take over the family business, whether his father was willing or not.  And then, once the takeover was complete, that the chocolate factory was the perfect place to hide Sir Cyrus’s black-market goods, transported there by the Iron Raiders.  Because who is going to suspect the guy who brings happiness across the land with his sweet treats?  It was brilliant…he just had one more person to convince.

A white cartoon sheep with a black mustache and soul patch, and brass goggles perched on his head.
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Truffle Hat
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