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Octavia Morgan

Octavia Morgan was somewhat of an enigma.  Nobody knew quite where she came from, but she knew positively everyone in Sheepchester, and she absolutely knew everything that happened there.  So it was only natural that she knew exactly what was occurring at the Blackmore Chocolate Factory and Storehouse that night.  And even more natural that she make an appearance, just to be certain everything went smoothly, and that Sir Cyrus was run out of town, once and for all. 

Having knowledge of the plot beforehand, she was not expecting to find absolute chaos when she arrived on site.  But chaos is, indeed, what she found.  It seems that Sir Cyrus hadn’t come alone as he was instructed, but had several of his goons hiding nearby (which wasn’t the brightest of plans – to go against the Iron Raiders like that.)  When Detective Purles showed up with a team of police officers to bring him in for the stolen goods, the goons came out of hiding and engaged in a standoff with the police.  The Iron Raiders seem to have long since disappeared, having done their part and unwilling to side with either Sir Cyrus or the police.  Orville was being held captive by Sir Cyrus and his goons, giving the police little opportunity to make any moves. 

Observing all this, there was obviously only one solution.  Octavia waltzed into the Storehouse, pulled the tiniest gun out of her purse, and fired a single shot into the air.  All eyes immediately turned to her, and stayed there just long enough for Blackmore to get loose and Detective Purles to grab hold of Sir Cyrus.  Orville ran straight to the office and pulled Lavinia out from under the desk, finally crossing that employee/employer boundary, much to Octavia’s delight.

Upon awakening in the morning and retrieving that day’s edition of the Sheeppunk Gazette, a collective sigh of relief went through the town of Sheepchester.  “Sir Cyrus captured”, the headline read.  And, slowly, the people of Sheepchester were able to put the pieces of their lives back together.
A brown cartoon sheep with an orange pearl necklace and a yellow flower headband
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Enigmatic Heroine
Enigmatic Heroine
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Octavia Morgan Cross Stitch Kit
Church Bell Scarf Kit (PRE-ORDER)
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Church Bell Scarf
Church Bell Scarf
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