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Lord Theodore Witherbottom

Lord Theodore Witherbottom of Rossmore was born to privilege.  The standing of his family goes back many generations - more than the average person would even care to know.  But, as nobility tends to do, they have every Lord, Lady, and little one mapped out from the very beginning.  The Witherbottoms' money comes from transportation, from the earliest wagons to the more technologically forward air machines.

However, young Teddy didn't find himself enamored with the mode of travel, but rather the history of the places to which he had traveled.  As such, he studied archaeology at University instead of engineering.  It was while traveling the world, uncovering priceless artifacts from ancient civilizations such as the Onyx Table and Sacred Shepherd's Hook, that he met his true love, Lady Violet.  They now live a life of intrigue at Rossmore Estates...but that is a story for another time.

Lord Theodore Witherbottom
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