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Lavinia Godwin

Miss Lavinia Godwin only knew one thing for certain.  Rules were meant to be followed, not broken.  It’s why she was so good at her job, managing the Blackmore Chocolate Factory and Storehouse.  The policies and procedures were created for a reason, and she made sure everyone, including herself, followed them to the letter.  So what if it ostracized her from her peers a bit.  It generally didn’t trouble her that much.  And when it did, she just buckled down and worked harder.  What was troubling her these days was the non-fraternization policy at work.  Because, if she was being honest, she definitely thought about Orville Blackmore in ways an employee should not be thinking about her boss.  And she was pretty sure she saw him looking at her in ways a boss should definitely not be looking at an employee.

And it was definitely this confusion that muddied her resolution for rule following and why, when Orville came to Lavinia with the plot to hide stolen goods in the storehouse to help take down that criminal Sir Cyrus, she actually considered doing it.  On the one hand, letting those people into the storehouse was definitely against policies and procedures.  But a criminal, by its very definition, didn’t follow the rules.  So what would breaking the rules to catch the ultimate rulebreaker be considered?  So she agreed to look the other way that night.

She was supposed to leave early, but she lost track of time.  So when the Iron Raiders, Sir Cyrus, and Orville showed up that night to make sure the stolen goods were secure in the back of the storehouse, she was hiding in the office.  And when Detective Purles arrived to capture Sir Cyrus in the middle of an illegal deal, she was, very conveniently, as a matter of fact, hiding beneath her desk.  She saw, and heard, everything.  Particularly when Sir Cyrus turned the tables and everything started to go wrong.

A grey cartoon sheep wearing a teal hat and goggles.
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Procedural Misconduct
Procedural Misconduct
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Lavinia Godwin Cross Stitch Kit
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Eyelet Devotion
Eyelet Devotion
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