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Lady Penny Witherbottom

Lady Penny Witherbottom is the firstborn daughter of Lord Theodore and Lady Violet.  Her strong mathematical talents led her to pursue the engineering and mechanics her father had eschewed, firmly landing her in the good graces of her grandfather, head of the merchant dynasty.  Lady Violet, however was not so delighted with Lady Penny's scorn of her social obligations, especially seeing her preferences for brazen goggles over a beautiful plum bustle.

Lady Penny's interest in mathematics allowed her to play a significant role in the family business's pursuit of technology.  It also made her a bit of an outcast among the societal ladies, not to mention the fact that she had nary a marriage prospect on the horizon.  As such, always found a way to escape the household when it was her mother’s turn to host afternoon tea.

It was one of those afternoons, as she strolled unaccompanied by the river, that she encountered a scared young orphan, Thaddeus.  Taking in his rough appearance and nervous demeanor, she immediately asked him to be her escort back to Rossmore Estates, where she attempted to discover his secrets and help in any way that she could. 

But young Thaddeus wasn't talking!  He held tight to his bag and shut his mouth, showing infallible restraint against all the ways Lady Penny (and later Lady Violet) attempted to lure the story out of him.  And what a story it was...

A brass plated sheep wearing black goggles.
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Lady Penny
Lady Penny
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Copper Pendulum
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Riveted Cowl
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