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Complete Stars Hollow Conversion Cross Stitch Thread Pack

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A conversion for the Winter in Stars Hollow pattern by Black Needle Society.  

Includes one (1) 10-yard skein each of: Apricot, Blue Suede Shoes, Blush and Bashful, Boysenberry, Cayman, Cinnamon, Collegiate, Dark Cherry, Duth Iris, Heather, I'm All In, Julep, Lichen Moss, Marianne's Broken Heart, Mermaid, Olympic, Peachy Keen, Pineapple, Poinsettia, Purpureus, Silver Bells, Tenacity, Tutu, Ultraviolet, Unrequited, Valentine, What is a Weekend, and Winter Wonderland.


CC Aunt Marie's Violet = Dutch Iris

CC Blue Beadboard - Winter Wonderland 

CC Huckleberry = Lichen Moss

CC Old Blue Jeans = Olympic

CC Rainy Day - Boysenberry

CC Vintage Violet - Ultraviolet

GAS Currant - Poinsettia

GAS Distressed Denim - Blue Suede Shoes

GAS Grape Fizz - Purpureus

GAS Slate - Silver Bells

GAS Tutti Fruiti - Mermaid

WDW Aztec Red = Cinnamon

WDW Blue Heron = I'm All In

WDW Bubble Gum - Blush and Bashful

WDW Cantaloupe - Peachy Keen

WDW Carrot = Apricot

WDW Crepe Myrtle = Valentine

WDW Daffodil - Pineapple

WDW Fathom - Collegiate

WDW Merlot = Dark Cherry

WDW Peoria Purple - Heather

WDW Robin's Egg - What is a Weekend

WDW Sea Foam = Julep

WDW Sea Glass = Cayman

WDW Skinny Dip = Tenacity

WDW Sky = Marianne's Broken Heart

WDW Sophie's Pink - Tutu

WDW Verdigris = Unrequited 

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