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Detective Nathan Purles

Detective Nathan Purles isn’t one of those police officers who grew up wanting to protect people.  In fact, it was quite the opposite.  His teenage years, fueled by an unstable home life, were spent on the other side of the law.  So much so that he garnered the attention of the infamous Iron Raiders and became their youngest member.  And it was through his time with the Iron Raiders that he got to know *exactly* the type of guy that Sir Cyrus Sterling was. 

He managed to cut ties with the Iron Raiders and found himself as Sheepchester’s only police detective.  And as such, he had only one mission - to take down Sir Cyrus.  But he just couldn’t get his hands on any evidence.  Sir Cyrus was a sly bugger.

So, when Simone Leggett, daughter of the president of the Iron Raiders, came to him and asked for his help to run Sir Cyrus out of town, Detective Purles didn’t have to think twice.  He helped Simone set up a late-night meeting between Sir Cyrus, her father, and Orville Blackmore, the traveling chocolatier.

A white cartoon sheep with a black monacle.
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Detective Purles
Detective Purles
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Elusive Conviction
Elusive Conviction
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Bobbie Scarf
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