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Mystery One of a Kind Skeins

$30.00 $18.00

We've been doing some spring cleaning in the studio and have come up with all kinds of one of a kind skeins.  They could be from trying out a new formula, mixing up a formula incorrectly, a mis-dye, or any number of reasons!  We've put these skeins on super-duper sale for you.  Don't miss out!

If you order multiple skeins, they are NOT guaranteed to be coordinating.  Will not send you multiples of a color unless you ask.

PLEASE NOTE ANY PREFERENCES IN THE NOTES OF YOUR ORDER!!  (For example, no sparkle, please give me three skeins of the same color, etc.)

Choose from:

Fingering Weight - between 425 - 495 yards of fingering weight yarn per skein.

Sport/DK Weight - between 230 - 274 yards of sport/dk weight yarn per skein.

DK Weight - between 235 - 275 yards of DK weight yarn per skein. 

Worsted Weight - between 195 and 215 yards of Worsted weight yarn per skein.

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