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Lady Edith (Downton Abbey Collection)


Although she was not considered as beautiful as her sisters, Mary Talbot and Sybil Branson,  she is always glamorous and fashionable.  Edith's greatest struggle in life has been to stand out and be appreciated for her own talents. We all wait to find out how the tide is turning for her.  Is she still doing well now that she has found happiness or will she revert back to being "poor Edith" as she once was with all of her troubles and bad luck?

This colorway is a rosy semi-solid with black speckles that represents her sweet soul and the dark marks that life has handed her.

Hand-dyed in Brighton, TN.

Fingering Weight
PRIDE - SW Merino/Nylon/Stellina, 495 yards
GLUTTONY SOCK - SW Merino/Nylon, 425 yards
FORTITUDE - SW Merino, 435 yards
BABEL - SW Merino/Yak/Nylon, 435 yards

BEATITUDE - SW Merino/Nylon, 325 yards
GLUTTONY SPORT/DK - Superwash Merino, 274 yards
FORTITUDE DK (new)- SW Merino, 250 yards
PRIDE DK - SW Merino/Nylon/Stellina, 231 yards

GLUTTONY WORSTED - SW merino, 215 yards
GOLIATH - SW merino, 106 yards
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