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It's Not The Rona, It's Allergies Mini Set

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A little tongue-in-cheek fun at what we've been on pins and needles about both at home and at the studio - any time someone coughs, or my son's budding asthma starts up, the anxiety begins about whether or not it's just allergies or something more serious.  We had a ton of fun coming up with these in the studio, and I hope you enjoy them, as well!

This set includes five 20 gram mini skeins, which is equivalent to one full 100 gram skein.  So sub it easily into any of your one-skein favorites to keep you busy at home!  

Colorways include:

White - Cottonwood

Silver - Anti-histamine

Yellow - Pollen

Green - Grass

Olive Green/Grey - Ragweed

Fortitude Minis  - 87 yards each, Superwash Merino

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