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Hooked Dragon a crochet shawl by Deanne Ramsay

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A crochet version of the beautiful knitted sea dragon shawl created in collaboration with the original designer, Ambah O’Brien.

Inspired by real and imagined sea creatures, the Hooked Dragon shawl is crocheted from side to side with short rows to create a shallow crescent shape. It’s the perfect shape for wrapping around the neck like a scarf or wearing around the shoulders. 
Choose between a small or large Hooked Dragon and showcase your favorite yarn: go crazy with your leftover yarn stash and crochet each segment in a different colour, use a gradient or variegated yarn, or go with your favourite solid colour combination.

Sizes: (Measurement is approximate and taken after blocking.) 
Small: 155cm/61” wingspan x 32cm/12.5” deep 
Large: 190cm/75” wingspan x 37cm/14.5” deep

Small: 470m MC and 80m CC 
Large: 675m MC and 150m CC

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