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Arbor Dianae (A Discovery of Witches Collection)


Diana's Tree, also known as the Philosopher's Tree, is a dendritic amalgam of crystallized silver, obtained from mercury in a solution of silver nitrate; so-called by the alchemists.  Diana and Mary, The Countess of Pembroke, create an Arbor Dianae later in the series.  When Diana adds a few drops of her own blood, the tree appears to become a living tree.  When Matthew adds his blood as well, the tree begins to bear fruit. 

A soft, silvery-lavender semi-solid.

Hand-dyed in Brighton, TN.

Fingering Weight:

PRIDE - SW Merino/Nylon/Stellina, 495 yards 
GLUTTONY SOCK - SW Merino/Nylon, 425 yards
FORTITUDE - SW Merino, 435 yards
BABEL - SW Merino/Yak/Nylon, 435 yards


BEATITUDE - SW Merino/Nylon, 325 yards
GLUTTONY SPORT/DK - Superwash Merino, 274 yards
FORTITUDE DK (new) - SW Merino, 275 yards
PRIDE DK - SW Merino/Nylon/Stellina, 231 yards


GLUTTONY WORSTED - SW merino, 215 yards
FORTITUDE WORSTED - SW merino, 195 yards
GOLIATH - SW merino, 106 yards
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