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Yarn Kits & Sets

Carefully curated kits to make a beautiful project for you!
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Stonecrop Kit - Flashback/Horcrux
Stonecrop Kit - Anti-hero/Clan Fraser
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Stonecrop Kit - Anti-hero/Veiled Scandal
Stonecrop Kit - Cliffhanger/Moor Sky
Stonecrop Kit - Protagonist/Glacier
Stonecrop Kit - Protagonist/PerfectDay
Three Color Yarn Kits - Outlander Christmas
Three Color Yarn Kits - Harry Potter Christmas
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Three Color Yarn Kits - Fall Colors
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Three Color Yarn Kits - Neil Diamond
Three Color Yarn Kits - Red/Yellow
Three Color Yarn Kits - Navy/Green
Three Color Yarn Kits - Outlander-inspired
Badger Bootcuffs Kit
Potions Class Hat Kit
Ascendio Socks Kit
Phoenix Rising Cowl Kit
Welcome to Divination Shawl Kit
Hidden Relic Hat Kit
Oduffers Cowl Kit
Fading Kits - Outlander
Perfect Blend MKAL Kit - Outlander
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Dragon Rider Sweater Kit - Sheeppunk/Lady Penny
Dragon Rider Sweater Kit -Bertie Botts/Steel Grommet
Dragon Rider Sweater Kit - Outlander Set #1/Voyager
Dragon Rider Sweater Kit - Outlander Set #2/Wentworth
Dragon Rider Sweater Kit - Original
Lady Penny's Tool Kit
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GO TEAM!!! Sport Kit
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Gradient Color Set - Outlander Set #2
Harry Potter House Kit - Hufflepuff
Harry Potter House Kit - Slytherin
Harry Potter House Kit - Ravenclaw
Harry Potter House Kit - Gryffindor
Dedication (Harry Potter House Kit)
Tonks (Harry Potter House Kit)
115 results
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