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The Adventuous Wrap was designed with a Yarn Advent Calendar in mind, to make the most of daily mini skein gifts that appear. There are so many possibilities - add colors in randomly, arrange your minis in a gradient fade, or use a main color and alternate with mini skeins. This is also a perfect way to use up all those leftover yarns hiding in your stash. Simple garter stitch keeps this a mindless knit; some fun shaping and the regular color changes will keep you wanting to knit on. What adventure will you take with your Adventurous Wrap?


Option A B 
Top Edge: 57 (56)“/145 (142) cm 
Width: 19.5 (19.25)”/50 (49) cm 
See Schematic 
Measurements taken after blocking.

Fingering weight/4-ply

Option A: 
25 mini skeins, 80 yd/74 m each 
Exact Yardages for each colour 
C1: 80 yd/74 m 
C2, C14: 12 yd/11 m 
C3, C15: 22 yd/21 m 
C4, C16: 30 yd/27.5 m 
C5, C17: 44 yd/40.5 m 
C6, C18: 45 yd/42 m 
C7, C19: 52 yd/47.5 m 
C8, C20: 58 yd/53 m 
C9, C21: 66 yd/60.5 m 
C10, C22: 75 yd/69 m 
C11, C23: 77 yd/70.5 m 
C12, C24: 62 yd/57 m 
C13, C25: 64 yd /58.5 m 

Option A note: If you are planning to make a “fade” version with 25 colours, note that C1 is used in combination with C2, C13, C14 and C25. 
Plan your colours to fade from C1 - C13 in the first triangle, then the fade will flow from C25 in reverse to C14 in the second triangle. C13 and C25 will meet in the middle of the wrap, with C1 between them.

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