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What the Fade Kit - Harry Potter House - Pride

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This What the Fade kit is made of of six skeins perfect for the What the Fade MKAL.  There are two options for these kits:

1.  Movie Fade:

  • House of Hufflepuff (yellow/black)
  • Nearly Headless (silver/black)
  • House of Slytherin (green/black)
  • House of Ravenclaw II, movie colors (silver/blue)
  • Enchanted Coin (silver/gold)
  • House of Gryffindor (gold/red)

2. Old Timey Hufflepuff:

  • House of Hufflepuff II (golden yellow/charcoal)
  • House of Gryffindor (gold/red)
  • Gemino (gold/bronze)
  • House of Ravenclaw (bronze/blue)
  • Vault 713 (silver/bronze)
  • House of Slytherin (green/silver)

Shown on Gluttony Sock.

Hand-dyed in Brighton, TN.

GLUTTONY SOCK - SW Merino/Nylon, 425 yards 


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