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Leaving Hogwarts (HP Yarn Club April 2020)


 We hear all about September 1st, when the Hogwarts Express leaves London from King's Cross Station at Platform 9 3/4...but we don't think much about when it returns.  Hogwarts holds its final exams the first week of June followed by the End-of-Term Feast when the winner of the House Cup is announced.  The Hogwarts Express returns students to London the following day.  Most students are excited to go home...except for Harry.  But we know he must return to the Dursley's house on Privet Drive every summer in order for the protection spells to work properly.  Leaving Hogwarts is always hard for Harry, and each summer it seems something keeps him apart from any news from his friends or the magical world.

I really loved the solemnity of this artwork - the shades and tones depict, to me, Harry's emotions as he looks back on Hogwarts, as the train presses forward toward a lonely summer.  I had fun creating the shades of reddish brown and tan on this colorway and am really pleased with how it turned out. I hope you love it.

Hand-dyed in Brighton, TN.


Fingering Weight:
PRIDE - SW Merino/Nylon/Stellina, 495 yards
GLUTTONY SOCK - SW Merino/Nylon, 425 yards

FORTITUDE - SW Merino, 435 yards

BABEL - SW Merino/Yak/Nylon, 435 yards


BEATITUDE - SW Merino/Nylon, 325 yards
GLUTTONY SPORT/DK - Superwash Merino, 274 yards
FORTITUDE DK (New) - SW Merino, 275 yards
PRIDE DK - SW Merino/Nylon/Stellina, 231 yards


GLUTTONY WORSTED - SW merino, 215 yards
GOLIATH - SW merino, 106 yards
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